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Working hard or browsing social media? Always know how your employees use their time. Track app and website usage, and overall productivity.

Get verified working hours for payroll

Manual time-tracking is flawed. Track employee work time through computer activity instead. Effortless, reliable and fool proof.

Take recurring screenshots, upto every 1 minute

Screenshot your employees active window recurringly, for upto every 1 minute interval. Optionally blur images for privacy.

Visualize employee productivity on daily timeline

A visual log of daily activities of every employee broken down to productive time, idle time and break time.

Appraise your team members using their work analytics

Realtime statistics of your employees performance ready at your finger tips. Track attendance, app usage, productivity trend and more.

“Workfolio helped us gain reassuring proof of work in changing situations. Surprisingly, our team productivity improved 28% while working remote.”

Evan Kennedy
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